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East Belfast Sure Start


Peer Support

The Peer Support Group meets on a weekly basis on Tuesday mornings 10am - 12pm in the Parents Room (128 Albertbridge Road). Mothers or female carers of a child meet together, discuss issues of common interest and get a wealth of information on child development, health and education. 


The Parent & Family Co-ordinator and a member of the Family Support Team organises a range of training courses and personal development opportunities for the mothers/carers while their children can be cared for in the crèche.  Courses can be short 4-6 weeks but our Nurture Course lasts 10 weeks. These courses cover topics identified by the parents themselves.  Some fun activities, coffee and chat are also part of the service.  The Parent & Family Co-ordinator can also make links for families to a range of specialist services to ensure they can access the support they need, when they need it.

For up to date information on our sessions, Message of the Month and more please visit/ follow our Facebook page ----- If you would like any information on our services, please do call, email or message us on Facebook