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East Belfast Sure Start


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East Belfast Sure Start,

Information & Sevices and

Programme for 2-3 year olds

55 Templemore Avenue, 

Belfast, BT5 4FP

Phone: 028 9073 5686



EBSS Early Years Centre

122-124 Albertbridge Road,

Belfast, BT5 4GS

Phone: 028 9096 3399



EBBS  Parent & Children Centre

(Butterflies & Parents Room)

126-128 Albertbridge Road,

Belfast BT5 4GS

Phone: 028 9096 3399



Nettlefield Programme for 2-3 year olds

Nettlefield Primary School

Radnor Street

Belfast, BT6 8BG

Phone: 074 3603 8159



Ballyoran Programme for 2-3 year olds

Unit 1 Rosneath Gardens,

Ballybeen, BT16 1UN

Phone: 074 3603 8158



May Message of the Month: I'm a Happy Baby when you....Show me and tell me you love me....Respond when I need you.------------We are still working with government rules to get back to some normality. We are hoping that there will be more face to face contact very soon. There are still some virtual groups, but in the mean time PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK FOR UP TO DATE INFORMATION ABOUT PROGRAMMES. Stay Safe!